mac media keys to control vlc player

VLC preference -> interface -> play back control -> control playback with media keys.  also marked continued playback as always. This works even for touch bar.

USB Installer for Windows 7 caveats

Windows 7 is so old that its drivers does not support USB 3.0, among other things. So even if you use rufus and a genuine windows 7 iso to create a bootable usb windows 7 installer, it may not work on newer motherboard/hardware.    During the install you may run into issue of it asking […]

Enable personal hotspot between two iphones

personal hotspot, aka instant hotspot (e.g. turn on hotspot on the connecting phone that doesn’t have cellular data), can be enabled if both iphones are logged into icloud.  if it doesn’t work, simply relogin from the connecting phone.

Facebook access token shenanigans

Using facebook access tokens to make app that can post to your pages automatically. Create a facebook app In settings of said app (via “mange apps” on left hand side), click on the app, make sure it’s turned on/status is live. Optionally, add a dummy fb account as developer of your app, and have him […]

Ubuntu Rodete Setup

Workspace:   Terminal: Use Mate Terminal, since it supports background opacity (default one DOESN’T!)    

Bring up Amazon Product WordPress Blog with Facebook Page and AutoPost and Stuff

1. put the following in wp-blog-header.php to suppress warnings rendered on page ini_set(‘error_reporting’, E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED); 2. google anlytics 3. google ads, e.g. create channels, ad units, and put in wks.php.  Update theme’s php files (e.g. sidebar.php, single.php, page.php, index.php) 4. google webmaster 5. install plugins: iframe, og, Amazon Product In […]

gnubby issues

asks to unplug replug and that doesn’t work: sudo apt-get remove gnome-keyring