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Web security

I participated in a work event regarding web security, where I had to hack 5 seemingly innocuous websites to learn about web vulnerabilities.  By hack, I mean just execute alert().  In case I get amnesia, here’re some notes.   1. simple javascript injection. There was an input textbox, where I had to simply put in: […]

Convert ROM to Game Doctor format

See   Download one of the bin datas of the UCon64 website: uCON64 bin data for Windows Then you have to download a GUI: uCON64 GUI:uf-FOX Additional you can download a Super Nes dat file, which makes the options easier to use for you: uCON64 Super Nintendo dat file   Then open the front end’s […]

Hotmail losing email

You never got an email you were supposed to get in your hotmail account. Check Options (upper right hand corner’s dropdown) -> More Options -> Rules for SORTING new messages. See if any rules delete emails directly