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nexus 7 not recognized by adb

To get your nexus 7 to work with debugging in windows 7, 0. go to settings -> about tablet -> tap build number 7 times to enable developer options. 1. Enable debug mode on your Nexus 7. To do this, go to Settings, Developer options, and check Enable Debug mode. 2. Plug in the device […]

Droid X: use internal memory instead of sdcard

Droid X has 8 gb of internal memory. In theory you shouldn’t need an sdcard for storage.  So use adb (i.e. adb shell): umount /sdcard mount -o rw,remount / umount /sdcard ln -s cache /sdcard It’s just creating a symbolic link.  If you can’t do the ln command, get “root explorer” app, go to root, […]

Signup for Amazon App Store without credit card

Create fake info from here:  per instructions from I don’t see why I needed to give them my credit card information when I plan on getting free apps only.  Nevertheless,  I have not tried nor will I use that randomly generated info to download a non-free app.  It’s only to get past the […]


Droid x: change default user to marketplace: 1. move /data/system/accounts to /sdcard 2. download sqlite3 3. sqlite3.exe accounts.db 4. change accounts table’s row that contains old email 5. copy accounts.db back into /data/system/accounts