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Web security

I participated in a work event regarding web security, where I had to hack 5 seemingly innocuous websites to learn about web vulnerabilities.  By hack, I mean just execute alert().  In case I get amnesia, here’re some notes.   1. simple javascript injection. There was an input textbox, where I had to simply put in: […]

MP3 streaming for apple iphone with php readfile file_get_contents fail

For the actual content, see:   But I must jot the solution down, as I spent a great deal of time struggling with setting headers and calling readfile($filename) with php to make ipod/iphone/ipad play/stream mp3, to no avail. On a related note, I had to do header(“location: <url to mp3>”) as a workaround for […]

Some things you need to do to create archive of iPhone app to submit to apple app store

1. iphone icon, ipad icon size 2. plist file’s icon file is blank (seems like can’t have file called icon.png otherwise both iPad and iPhone will use that) 3. Does not see archive in organizer after building archive: For the “Release” configuration do the following: Set “Skip Install” to YES on your project Set “Skip […]