Web security

I participated in a work event regarding web security, where I had to hack 5 seemingly innocuous websites to learn about web vulnerabilities.  By hack, I mean just execute alert().  In case I get amnesia, here’re some notes.   1. simple javascript injection. There was an input textbox, where I had to simply put in: […]

android optimizing apps on every reboot

Android lollipop does optimizing apps every reboot   1. Turn off your Moto X Press and hold Power and Volume Up to access Fastboot on the Moto X (2014). / © ANDROIDPIT 2. Press and hold Power and Volume Down for a couple of seconds and then release. You’ll see the Fastboot menu. 3. Use […]

network doesn’t work on mac

If safari (and other apps like adium) don’t work, but chrome still works, try: $ sudo launchctl stop com.apple.networkd $ sudo launchctl start com.apple.networkd

itunes account WITHOUT credit card

in iTunes: Choose redeem link on right hand side under “quick links” (scroll down) Follow prompts. There is now “None” option next to all the credit cards/paypal

Transfer domain from godaddy to namesilo steps

1. godaddy: cancel privacy/ domain lock 2. godaddy request authorization code. get email. 3. namesilo: request transfer of domain. 4. namesilo: enter authorization code in email from step 2 (and pay). get email 5. follow link in email from step 4 to accept transfer (takes like 5 minutes to godaddy’s, i.e. current, email address) 6. […]

Windows 10 Boot entry shenanigans

Dual boot environment with windows 10 and windows 7.  It uses windows 7 instead of windows 10’s metro boot.   From windows 10, just run: bcdboot C:\Windows   That command will replace the boot files with the ones from Windows 10.