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teradata logon problem

If you get: *** CLI error: MTDP: EM_NOHOST(224): name not in HOSTS file or names database. *** Return code from CLI is: 224 *** Error: Logon failed! You have to add to your hostname file (or dns somewhere) vivaldicop1 when the name of the server is vivaldi

Black screen on iphone

If you get black screen when you run your iphone code, check if you do this: @synthesize window = _window; and then this: [window makeKeyandVisible]; This, will not work. The @synthesize line is “new” in xcode 4, per objective c. it makes accessing windows directly FAIL and return nil. Thus, makeKeyAndVisible was never called on […]

Some things you need to do to create archive of iPhone app to submit to apple app store

1. iphone icon, ipad icon size 2. plist file’s icon file is blank (seems like can’t have file called icon.png otherwise both iPad and iPhone will use that) 3. Does not see archive in organizer after building archive: For the “Release” configuration do the following: Set “Skip Install” to YES on your project Set “Skip […]